About Marco Villegas, LPC

A bilingual Latino licensed therapist with over 20 years of experience providing online individual therapy to professionals and high-achieving adults in Austin, Texas, and the state of Texas. 

Get the support, tools, and insights you need to overcome emotional and situational difficulties, such as anxiety, depression, work-life balance, life transitions, and more. So you can create a life you love.

You can move forward and feel connected with your life and relationships — and you don’t have to do it alone.

Move forward and feel connected with your life and relationships

Everyday life can be demanding and hectic, making it challenging to set aside time to prioritize yourself and your self-care.

You may try to “push through” the emotional and situational challenges you face, but this can be exhausting. You may promise yourself, “I’ll get to it later.” But other demands pop up, people in your life need you, and you focus on getting things done, leaving little to no time to focus on yourself.

But your needs and goals are important. You deserve time to:

  • Address and work through the emotional and situational challenges you face
  • Explore your current and future goals
  • Consider whether your current path is right for you
  • Strengthen your connection with yourself and others
  • Get the support, insights, and strategies to help you create a life you love

You deserve a therapist that ‘gets you.’

You deserve a therapist that ‘gets you.’

You are more than a professional or high-achieving individual. You have a history, beliefs, cultural background, and personal experiences that have shaped who you are. You also have goals and dreams.

I’m here to support you as you sort through the emotional and life challenges that are currently holding you back. 

As a bilingual Latino therapist with 20 years of experience, I’m passionate about helping high-achieving adults, professionals, and young professionals. 

Together, we can help you:

  • Overcome the obstacles you face
  • Strengthen your relationships with yourself and others
  • Prioritize your self-care
  • Create a work-life balance and life that brings you joy

Your self-care and personal growth are my priority.

 Your self-care and personal growth are my priority
Taking the first steps toward working on what’s currently holding you back can feel daunting, especially if you’re used to handling problems and difficulties on your own.

However, prioritizing yourself and what you need is the first step in helping you move forward.

I provide a safe, judgment-free, and confidential space where we can tackle your obstacles together. So you can openly express your thoughts, feelings, concerns, and situation.

I strive to foster genuine empowerment and create an environment where you can discover your inner strengths and resources as you work through the challenges that brought you to therapy.

My approach is rooted in complete authenticity and empathy, where your needs take center stage. Genuine and open communication is encouraged, and your feedback is invaluable.

Sessions are tailored to fit your needs.

We will craft a customized therapeutic plan that focuses on your needs and goals to guide you on your path to mental health wellness and success.

I incorporate various evidence-based therapeutic approaches and techniques, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Emotion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness. So we can use the tools and strategies that best help you move forward.

Sessions are collaborative — providing you with the space you need to express yourself and tap into your unique strengths. Because you are the expert on you.

Throughout therapy, I’ll help guide, support, brainstorm, and provide professional insights, tools, and expertise to help you achieve your therapeutic goals. Additionally, my holistic approach to your emotional growth and development will ensure we take into account all aspects of your life, including your physical well-being, social connections, economic well-being, spiritual fulfillment, cultural background, and personal life experiences.

You can create the life and relationships you want with online individual therapy in Austin, Texas.

You don’t have to be held back by emotional or situational challenges.
Get support, insights, and skills to move forward, overcome difficulties, and thrive. 

Make time to prioritize yourself and your needs. Contact me to schedule an appointment or free consultation.